Natural Hair Styles – Quick and Easy Looks

Posted on Jul 4 2010 - 1:53am by Amina

Natural Hairstyles – Quick and Easy Looks

Ever find yourself pressed for time?  You have to cook dinner, help with homework, pack lunches, and do laundry all at the same time…all of this with what seems like only 15 minutes to do so?  Well with all of that multi-tasking, where does time fit in for you to do your hair?  These are some natural carefree hairstyles that will allow you to refresh a look or achieve a style with little time to work with, but will leave you with time to spare!

The Big, Bad, Bold Afro Puff
afro puff The poofy pony can be achieved easily through pulling all of the hair up into a strong puff.  Keep it in place with a Goodie Ouchless headband; use aloe vera gel or your favorite styling product for hold.

quick headband hair Quick Headband Hair: Push a headband on the hair to smooth back the hair slightly and go.  It’s a cute, carefree style that requires low maintenance. Image courtesy of


Create a polished, yet simple look with a chic bun.  It’s very easy to achieve in short time, and it’s super easy to manage!

Natural bun (

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