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Posted on Aug 22 2009 - 2:46pm by Julian

hairfinity vitaminWith anything like Hairfinity, we all wonder if it works. I can tell you for most part,  the Hairfinty hair vitamins gets good reviews here on I have been asked to compare it to Exotic Allure, GNC Hair Vitamins, Simply Growth, and other popular brand names.  Truth is, I have never taken the vitamin. I am a guy who is the co-owner of this site. However, I wanted to post some reviews that reflect what the ladies of BHP thought about the Hairfinity Vitamin. We don’t allow poorly made producs to advertise on BHP.

The most recent blog about hairfinity was by bre ” Does Hairfinity really work?” I would suggest you give this a good looking over. Remember this is only one review out of about 12 on the entire site.

Here is a video review from the glam twins.

Okay, here are 3 from the black hair care forum :

LondonKitten writes:

When I first seen this product online, and seen how long some of the models hair had grew i thought to myself, yea right…but i said what the heck for 24.95 that was not a bad price so i ordered a bottle and i was so impressed.This product made my hair longer and stronger and bouncy and silky. I know it sounds to good to be true, but it did. I just placed another order for two bottles instead of one so i don’t run out. When I went to work all my coworker noticed my hair had grown after 4 weeks.
Pros: I placed and order for these vitamins and they really make your hair grow fast. I used this product for one month and everyone at work noticed my hair growth.

Cons:  The bad thing about this product is that when I was out of the vitamins, I  placed my second order and it took almost 3 weeks to get.  So now I have to start all over getting the vitamins use to my system again

Review# 2 Jayen

When I first began taking hairfnity I had really bad scalp burns from over processing my hair and major flakiness. After 2 and a half weeks the scalp burns healed and the flakiness I have dealt with for years disappeared greatly. I also changed my hair care regimen of shampoos and conditioners along with the vitamins that improved the overall condition of my hair. They will answer your questions very promptly and your orders arrive right on time. Thanks hairfinity
Pros:product really aids in growth and healthiness of hair
Cons: remembering to take twice a day

Review # 3: Hawa writes:

My hair has grown so much since I’ve been taking the vits. I was really sceptical at first but it really works. I ordered the six months supply. My hair is in braids now and I keep on braiding my hair the whole time I will be taking the vits. This should tremendously help me achieve my hair goal…APL in six months, I am a little over SL.
Pros: It really contributes to hair growth

Cons: price…a bit too expensive, hard to remember to take them everyday


Hairfinty Ingredients:

Serving size 2 capsules(DV=Daily Vaule)

Vitamin A 8150 IU (Daily Vaule 163%)

Vitamin B-1 5mg (Daily Vaule 333%)

Vitamin B-2 5mg (Daily Vaule 294%)

Vitamin B-3(niacin) 5mg (Daily Vaule 25%)

Vitamin B-5(Pantothenic acid) 100mg (DV 1000%)

Vitamin B-6 5mg (DV 250%)

Vitamin b-9(Folic Acid) 200 mcg (DV 50%)

Vitamin b-12 20mg (DV 333%)

Vitamin C 100mg (DV 167%)

Vitamin D 216 IU (DV 54%)

Biotin 2500 mcg (DV 833%)

Calcium 186 mg (DV 18%)

MSM 750 mg

Gelatin 190 mg

Silica 30 mg

* Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate

Dena will begin a 3 month hairfinity trail and will give results in December so check back soon! Also we will do comparative blog studies to see if one works more than the other. We will post pros, cons, side effects, and anything else we can think of.

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