Citriodora oil for hair growth

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Citriodora oil for hair growth

Hair loss is a common problem for both men and women all over the world. In fact shocking statistics say that 40 percent of men between the ages of 35 and 60 will experience hair loss and 80 percent of men over the age of 85 will experience significant hair loss. Women can also suffer from hair loss and often become more self-conscience due to it. In fact 21 million US women have reported suffering from hair loss. These statistics prove that that those going through the embarrassment of hair loss are not alone, but many people still do and seek ways to stop or slow the process down.
Hair loss is nothing to be embarrassed about, but the people that are suffering from noticeable hair loss will beg to differ. Most men and women feel embarrassed and self-conscience of their condition and will/would do anything to get their hair back, fix the problem, or slow the process down.
Those that seek ways to fight their hair loss or fix their problem often feel defeated once they see the prices for hair loss treatments like hair implants. Hair implants are expensive and most cannot afford the cost of them. Others will look into toupees or wigs, but find the ones that look realistic are too expensive as well. Those that do choose a wig or toupee often feel self-conscience of the way that they look.
These feelings of depression, due to hair loss, can be devastating. Many people will lose their desire to go out, while others will lose their ability to be outgoing and confident. The loss of confidence can cause them to not do well on job interviews or to withdraw from their personal lives. Others choose to live a life alone because they are too nervous or lack the self-confidence to strike up a conversation with a person they are interested in.
There are many hair conditioners and shampoos that promise to slow down hair loss and add volume, but many of these products fail to be able to give their customers the results that they promise. It is for this reason that you should do your research before purchasing expensive hair loss products. You can find out if the product works well by searching and reading consumer reviews. These reviews are easy to find and in many cases very useful.
To save you a little time you should only read and consider the most recent consumer reviews. Many companies will read the reviews of their product and decide to change the product or their policies to meet the needs and wants of their customers. If the reviews that you have read are mostly positive you should be safe purchasing the hair care product.
A popular product for hair loss is citriodora oil, which is also known as a type of Eucalyptus oil. You can buy it in a pure form or you can purchase many shampoos and conditioners that use the citriodora oil as a main ingredient. You will not be able to purchase the citriodora oil in pure form at your local grocery store, but you will be able to purchase it online or in a hair care store. The average price is about 40 US dollars, but is well worth it.
The citriodora oil for hair growth works as a way of rejuvenating your hair follicles. It will stimulate the follicles and ensure that your follicles are clear of buildup, which is one of the leading causes for hair loss. Once the hair begins to grow, using citriodora oil will in turn help create stronger hair and more vibrant hair. Most often it is applied to the scalp to increase the blood flow, which will encourage hair growth.
citriodora oilSome people choose to use the citriodora oil as a shampoo and conditioner, but many have found it to be helpful if they use it as an overnight treatment. This method works best for men and women that have already begun to regrow their hair. Through the night the citriodora oil will promote the hair growth by stimulating and protecting the hair follicles.
Citriodora oil for hair growth is created using the Eucalyptus leaves. The oil is extracted and then used in hair care products and lotions. The Eucalyptus oils have been used for centuries as aromatherapy and treatments for many different ailments. It is for this reason that many scientists have begun to look into its ability to foster hair growth and to help those suffering from hair loss.
Most of the citriodora oil has come from Australia, but now that the ingredient has become so popular many other countries, with a tropical climate, have begun to produce the oil as well. Some of these countries are Morocco, Guatemala, South Africa, Brazil and many others.

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