Back to the BASICS – Natural Hair Regimen

Posted on Oct 1 2011 - 6:35am by Amina

So I have been natural since the summer/fall of 2009 and over the time that has elapsed, I have tried many different methods, products, regimens, etc.  A couple of times throughout my journey, I got off track.  My hair was not as much of a priority as life’s daily activities were.  I was neglecting my hair a bit, but upon reflection I have come to realize that my most basic and repetitive routines/regimens are the most beneficial to my hair.  Hence, it is time to get Back to the Basics!  Through it all I have found that having a basic routine overall is better for my hair than anything else.

I look at what I did when my hair was/is flourishing the most: gentle handling, weekly co-washes, weekly deep conditions, 4x weekly – daily oiling (EVCO, EVOO, or Castor oil), and stretching my hair prior to styling in order to minimize knots and tangles.

The type of regimen that I described above is the type of Basic Routine that I have often moved away from, but have always found success when I went back to it.  Can you recall the routine that you had with your hair that was most beneficial?  Have you decided to go back to it?  If not, maybe you should!

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